Who is David J. Simpson

Being born and raised in Ocean City provided me a great opportunity to connect to the shore and everything it had to offer. My collection of experiences over time at the beach have lead me to live and breathe the variety of scenes the area has to offer as an artist.

In 1999, I reconnected with the art world at Salisbury University, where I achieved both a philosophy degree and a fine arts degree in painting. The subjects in oil painting that I create traditionally are focused on the human figure, landscapes, and seascapes. Most recently my paintings have focused on the elements of texture, color, and light via seascapes.

In the spring of 2012, I graduated with Masters in the Art of Teaching from University of Maryland Eastern Shore. I am showing work locally at community art organizations, winning awards, and teaching private lessons. As an adjunct professor, I was thoroughly happy to be able to professionally contribute to the promising art community at UMES.

Now I am a full-time middle school Art Teacher for Somerset County Public Schools. Promoting the growth of the arts in our local community is something I believe in.

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"Breathe" New works by David J. Simpsoon

In an ever changing world, society is consistently traveling forward in the fast lane.  Our day to day existence is often defined by immediate results and responses. In order to balance our existence, it is vital to create equilibrium in our lives. Slowing down at times, and exiting the fast lane stabilizes balance in life. Taking the time to soak in precious moments and just breathe is soulful medicine. There is no better place to breathe than in the still moments that nature provides. Enjoy.

I would like to graciously thank Crissy Bowie-Simpson, Judd Sands, and Sonya Kalian for their assistance and support. Finally, thank you to the Art League of Ocean City and the Princess Royale for this tremendous opportunity.


"Meditative Nocturne"

"A Place To Assess The Angles"