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Princess Royale Oceanfront Resort’s website is your most comprehensive option for learning about our property, but we also have several other options for finding us online. To learn more about everything we have available to offer before making your reservations, we encourage you to visit our extensive online presence, which includes our social media pages and past guest reviews.

Our Story 

Princess Royale Oceanfront Resort is one of the Ocean City, Maryland, area’s top vacation destinations. We offer a wide range of amenities that many other hotels and resorts in town do not, such as our large indoor pool, tropical atrium, an award-winning spa, and wide range of restaurants to suit every taste. As Ocean City’s largest oceanfront resort, we are a top choice among first-timers and families who prioritize returning to the area every summer.

Find Us Online 

We regularly update several social media pages to build connections with our guests and keep them informed about everything happening at Princess Royale Oceanfront Resort. We have also created a strong presence on several review sites that showcase everything past guests love about our resort.


Princess Royale Oceanfront Resort’s Facebook page is one of our oldest ways of sharing information with our guests online, but we keep it as modern as our other options. This option tends to be the most accessible way for a wide range of guests to find information concisely that they are familiar with. Whether you are only on Facebook or are passionate about keeping up with the latest social media trends, our Facebook page can meet the needs of nearly any audience.


If relying solely upon our own opinion is not enough to convince you that our property has something special, reading through our hundreds of positive Yelp Reviews from past guests can help you decide if our property is right for you. While we can’t put words in our guests’ mouths when pointing out the tiny details and special touches that set us apart, their reviews speak for themselves.

Once you get home from your vacation, sharing your experience with us is a simple way to connect other people searching for the perfect Ocean City vacation destination with the same combination of fun and relaxation you spent your trip enjoying.


Our Instagram page showcases the best of everything Princess Royale Oceanfront Resort has to offer in small bites that are easy to digest. Between photos of our resort’s most popular features and events and conversations with our followers, our Instagram page is one of our most popular online means of sharing information and keeping our guests informed. We also incorporate guests’ photos, reviews, and other highlights that blend YOUR thoughts with our promotions to provide the best possible variety of information.


Our Foursquare page also provides an outlet for sharing reviews of our property and pointing out specific ways guests can make the most of their visit to Princess Royale Oceanfront Resort. While this page functions similarly to Yelp, it provides even more direct options for finding specific types of information. Foursquare’s Tips feature makes it easier than ever to ensure you do not miss out on your potential favorite part of your stay with us.


Sometimes written descriptions and even photos are not enough to gain an adequate understanding of what sets a business apart from its competitors, and our YouTube channel gives you an in-depth look at what our properties have to offer. Considering how close to the ocean we are and imagining yourself in your room with the sound of crashing waves, to exploring our massive indoor pool and other unique amenities that are challenging to find anywhere else in Ocean City. Our video tours make it easier than ever to picture yourself enjoying your new favorite vacation destination.

At Princess Royale Oceanfront Resort, we are proud to offer a wide range of options for keeping our past and future guests in the loop about everything happening at one of Maryland’s top vacation destinations.

Regardless of whether you plan to explore our top features, read about what past guests find impressive or exciting about our resort, or learn about what makes us stand out from others as we do on our social media channels, our extensive network of reviews and photos provide a wealth of information about Princess Royale Oceanfront Resort.

We look forward to hearing from you soon! Please explore our website for more information on how you can connect with us, and then we will be happy to get back to you about how to book your reservation!