Utility Person/ Stewarding

Department: Food & Beverage

Immediate Supervisor: The Chef

Job Summary: To clean and sanitize all china, glass and silverware; to sweep and mop floors; to keep dish room organized, working as a team with co-workers to keep all work areas safe and clean.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Frequent washing of hands, following excellent sanitation standards.
  • Prepares all glass racks and dish racks for insertion into dishwasher.
  • Uses disposal responsibly.
  • Helps team members whenever needed.
  • Breaks down trays into stewarding area, separating silverware and glassware when available.
  • Cleans hallways, storerooms, walk-ins and kitchen areas as directed by business and management.
  • Works closely with Chef to maximize results.
  • Does not leave dirty dishes or floors after end of shift.
  • Immediately informs Manager or Supervisor of any service or equipment issues.
  • Carefully and responsibly handles and transports china, glass, silver.
  • Works diligently to provide guest services to the standards of the Princess Royale Mission Statement.
  • Follows all guidelines of the Employee Manual including but not limited to: call off procedure, grooming and inform standards, arriving on time for scheduled shift, etc.
  • Stands and walks during entire shift.
  • Punches in and out at required times.
  • Performs any reasonable task as directed by management.

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