• Clock in (no more then 5 minutes prior to start time) in uniform ready to work.
  • Always greet guests with a smile and hello when you pass them.
  •  Housemen are to remain on the floors assigned to them unless you are specifically reassigned by the Director of Housekeeping or Floor Supervisor.
  • All Housemen will make their whereabouts known to their Floor Supervisor.
  • You must check with your Floor Supervisor and the Director of Housekeeping before clocking out.
  •  Housemen are to report to their assigned floors after checking with the Housekeeping office by 8:30 each morning.
  • Floor Housemen are to follow the procedures listed below; if you have questions you need to ask the Director of Housekeeping or your Floor Supervisor.
  1. Supply all Room Attendants with all assistance and equipment necessary.
  2. Maintain all elevator landings, hallways, trash cans and vending areas in a clean, neat, sanitary condition. (Report any Room Service trays left in the hallway or vending area to Floor Supervisor so they may call to have them removed.)
  3. Dust all light fixtures and wood work in your hallways daily.
  4. Wipe down all entrance doorways on your floors, both sides and windows too.
  5. Collect all dirty linen and trash from the Room Attendants cart on a routine basis throughout the day.
  6. Keep your hallways well- vacuumed and clear of trash/ linen.
  7. Stock the linen closets with supplies. (KEEP Your Closet CLEAN)
  8. Report any lights that are out to your Floor Supervisor or Director of Housekeeping.
  9. Upon delivery of supplies to the hotel it is the Housemen’s job to store them in the proper location. Keep all areas neat and clean
  10. Complete all other duties assigned to you by the Floor Supervisor or Director of Housekeeping
  11. Stripe out linens and trash from check out rooms

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