Best Things to Do in Ocean City

Ocean City, Maryland beach

Ocean City is easily one of the top vacation spots in America. Thousands flock here year in and year out to enjoy the beach as well as the city. Aside from the Traveler’s Choice Award winning beach, what else is there for you to see, and do? After booking your stay at one of the Ocean City resorts, check out these 10 unique attractions that you can only find right here in OC, Maryland.

Unique Attractions Near Ocean City Resorts

1. Northside Park

Whether you’re planning a summer or winter getaway, Northside Park should make your must-see list. In the warmer months, you can enjoy the beautiful trees and views of the wildlife that inhabit the area, as well as walk out onto the crabbing and fishing pier that extends deep into the bay. The park itself is a slice of paradise, complete with a playground for the kids, but come on the right night and you can watch fireworks over the waters after a picture perfect sunset. Around the holidays Northside Park offers a spectacular Christmas lights show. Decorative trees, candy canes, nutcrackers, swans, castles and more light up the night. The best part is that a ticket will only cost you $5!

2. The Boardwalk

No Ocean City list would be complete without it’s renowned boardwalk. It’s the highlight for many that stay here, and with the vast array of shops, sights, places to eat, and fun, is it any wonder why?! This two and a half mile stretch offers you a fantastic view of the ocean, and has a stop for anything your heart might desire from novelty shops to artistic sand sculptures you’d have to see to believe. Let the ocean air fill your lungs as you enjoy a Kohr Brother’s ice cream cone, handmade funnel cake from one of the vendors, or a delicious caramel coated apple. There are far too many shops and sights located along the boardwalk to name here, you’ll just have to experience what all the fuss is about for yourself!

3. Frontier Town

You don’t have to be a kid to enjoy water tube slides, but if you’re bringing the family along then this is one highly recommended location. Frontier Town has all the waterpark fun you could ask for, and combines it with a unique old-western themed amusement park. Aside from the arcade and shops, you can enjoy horseback riding, golf, sifting for treasure (seriously!), jet skiing, fishing, and so much more. There’s something to do for children of all ages, and you’ll have a great time too.

4. Life-Saving Station Museum

Right on the edge of the boardwalk lies this historic museum. Here you can learn how the town of Ocean City got its start, view nautical memorabilia from decades past like diving equipment and cannons, get valuable safety tips, and even let your kids pretend to be a lifeguard while saving a stuffed animal. Sea life from the area can be viewed in their fish tanks, such as seahorses, and they have several displays from shark jaws to life-size replicas of boats and swordfish. Don’t leave before stopping in to see the displays!

5. Ripley’s

Duck into Ripley’s Believe it or Not Museum for an odd and unusual break from the hustle and bustle of the boardwalk. Featuring some of the most bizarre pieces of history, this a fun stop for kids and adults alike. A landscape sculpture carved out of camel bone, Dolly the Sheep herself, a piece of the Berlin Wall, and a genuine vampire killing kit circa 1850 are just a few of some of the strangest sights and stories you’ll ever see. Wax sculptures of human oddities, optical illusions, and unique artwork will leave you in awe. If you’ve never been to a Ripley’s museum before, get ready be puzzled, and amazed.

6. The Pier

By far the most breathtaking view of the ocean, beach, and city, the pier also offers the best fishing spot. If you’re only headed out for the view, it’s just 50 cents. Bring a pair of binoculars to really take advantage of this gorgeous 360-degree view. For those going fishing, you can enjoy the sport both day and night. Atlantic Sturgeon, Bluefish, Northern Pike, Largemouth Bass, and Rainbow Trout are just a few of the many fine catches you can hope for. Either way, the pier is an absolute must see on your vacation in Ocean City.

7. Screams Haunted House

If you’re looking for a good scare then head to this top quality, nautical themed haunted house. On the weekends, lines form to see the extravagant work put into making customers scream. The decorations are incredibly eerie, and the actors will put on a performance to die for. Head on in, if you dare, for a fright to remember. Trust us, you won’t be disappointed.

8. Mini Golf

Adults and children alike will love the extravagant mini-golf courses around the city. Maui Golf features a nice shaded course to give you a break from the summer heat, as well as surfboards and other unique decorations to bring out the beach experience. Old Pro Golf offers courses weaving through sunken ships, a killer whale, octopi, and the top of a submarine. It also features a prehistoric themed outdoor course complete with a smoking volcano, tyrannosaurus rex, sea monster waterfall and other dinosaurs to create a fun yet challenging course. Paradise Cove is another great, challenging course offering fun for all ages. No matter which you choose, you’re sure to have a blast at these unique Ocean City courses.

9. Fractured Prune

Prunes aren’t exactly exciting, but creating your own doughnut is. Stop in at the Fractured Prune to enjoy a fresh doughnut made to your liking. Sure, you can get a fresh-made doughnut anywhere, but where else can you choose glazes like mixed berry, marshmallow, or mocha then top it with anything from crumbled bacon to vanilla wafers or sea salt? Indulge your taste buds with one of these pastry masterpieces during your stay, or get a dozen!

10. Assateague

Biking, camping, canoeing, kayaking, horseback riding, shell collecting, shellfishing, swimming, surfing, and taking an over-sand vehicle across the 12-mile island are all fantastically fun options on Assateague Island. What really draws people in are the wild horses located on this beautiful National Wildlife Refuge but there are a variety of other fantastic animals to see. Bottlenose dolphins can be seen up close, as can red foxes, river otters, and sika deer. There’s nothing quite like it, making the island a must-see location during your trip.

Ocean City Resorts

OC, Maryland is filled with unique and fantastic attractions to see while vacationing here. If you’re ready for the perfect getaway, then book your stay and get ready to brag about it to everyone at the office.