Planning a Weekend Golf Trip in Ocean City, MD

weekend golf trip

Nestled in the comfort of the Eastern Shore, are an array of some of the best golf courses in the state of Maryland.  From Glen Riddle to Eagles Landing to the Links at Lighthouse Sound and beyond; choosing the right resort is a must when it comes to compiling as many of the best golf trip ideas in Ocean City, MD, as possible. Princess Royale Oceanfront Resort is centered in the heart of North Ocean City, on 91st Street, near some of the best restaurants and only a few miles from a wide range of courses to choose from.  Specializing in group rates and other amenities, like an Indoor Atrium with an Olympic size pool, your next golf trip is sure to be an unforgettable one. Here are some of the most important things to consider when sorting through golf trip ideas!

Planning Your Golf Trip

Going into your weekend with a clear plan is essential for getting the most out of your trip. Here are several important things to consider when organizing your golf trip ideas in Ocean City, MD! 

Choose Your Group of golfers

Golfing is often more enjoyable with others, and deciding who to invite is the first step in putting together a golf trip that is both competitive and social. Your group should be divisible by four to make splitting into smaller groups for each round easier. A total of eight people that get along well and have similar skill levels tends to work well. 

Get Organized

Planning the perfect weekend golf trip starts with researching the destinations and courses that are reasonably close to your area to get an idea of which ones might be a good fit. 

Choose a Destination

Selecting a destination that matches your interests is an important step in making sure your golf trip will be as enjoyable and relaxing as you want it to be. Consider the weather in the destinations you are interested in, as well as any other nearby attractions that may interest you. The Ocean City area is a top choice during the spring/fall and summer season.

Select Your Courses

Your courses should match the average ability level of your group to make sure everyone has a good time. You don’t have to choose top courses every time to have a fun weekend, but they can make excellent bucket list trips. We are conveniently located near several of the best golf trip options for beginners in Maryland. 

Book Your Accommodations

Choosing a resort with all amenities on site or an upscale hotel that functions much like a resort is an easy way to get the most out of your trip. At Princess Royale Oceanfront Resort, you can sleep, eat, and relax just steps from your favorite courses. Our large hotel makes many of the best golf trip ideas in Ocean City, MD, possible.  

Prioritize Advance Planning

Top golf courses, popular resorts, and upscale restaurants can fill up quickly, especially during peak times of the year. Making as many specific plans as possible well in advance of your trip is an important step in ensuring that you will be able to do everything you want to do and minimize stress once you have reached your destination. 

Pack Correctly

Taking the time to make sure you have packed the right clothing, shoes, sunscreen, and golf accessories is a must to avoid wasting time that would be better spent on the course shopping for essentials once you reach your destination.  But don’t worry, if you’ve forgotten something, our resort boutique “Sandy’s Beach Treasures” should have what you’re looking for to purchase.

What to Look For

Choosing a destination that has just the right golf courses is only the beginning of planning the perfect weekend golf trip. Considering what else will help you get the most out of your weekend, such as upscale restaurants that serve your favorite cuisine, a pool to relax next to, easy beach access, or special holiday events, is a must when it comes to turning an average weekend into an unforgettable one. 

How Much to Budget

Princess Royale Oceanfront Resort offers a wide range of group discounted rates for every interest and budget. Planning a memorable trip does not necessarily mean choosing the cheapest options you can find, but there are plenty of golf trip ideas in Ocean City, MD, that can help you plan a trip that is both enjoyable and at a reasonable price. Princess Royale Oceanfront Resort offers special packages for holidays and other special events, as well as military, senior and returning loyalty customer discounts, which make us an excellent choice no matter what budget you have in mind. 

Contact Us to Start Planning Your Trip

Princess Royale Oceanfront Resort offers a wide selection of amenities, making a wide range of golf trip ideas possible in Ocean City, MD. No matter your group’s skill levels or other interests, chances are our large resort is a good fit for you. Contact us today to start planning your next weekend golf trip at Princess Royale Oceanfront Resort!

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