How to Win Big on a Corporate Getaway

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Corporate getaways are supposed to be about bringing your team together through out-of-office activities; the focus should be on unity, not cost and stress. Planning a corporate getaway can be a daunting task, and there are many things to consider. To ensure that your retreat budget is used effectively, check out some of our tips for booking an affordable corporate retreat — and one that doesn’t skimp on the amenities. 

Mind Your Group Size

Perhaps the single most significant factor impacting getaway budgets is the number of people going. As the number of employees attending goes up, so does the cost. If you’re afraid to limit the number of invites sent out throughout the company, additional benefits beyond cost can explain the decision to limit attendees. 

For instance, if the point of the retreat is to build a sense of team or help build the skills that keep teammates communicative, you should want to limit the people attending to those most relevant to the team. Ideally, the only people attending should be people with defined roles within the team. That is, if you want your marketing team to work closer together, it may not make sense to also send those from your IT department. 

Regardless of your group size, however, many venues will offer facilities for larger groups; Princess Royale Oceanfront Resort has larger conference spaces available, which work well for events like keynote speaches, or breakout rooms for workshops are also available. The best move here is to reach out to the venue to inquire about any options they may have for your group size.

Stay Close to Your Home Base

Travel distance is another significant component in the cost of a corporate retreat. Far-off destinations can put a considerable dent into any company’s budget between air travel, rental car reimbursement, and even in-town travel accommodations. 

When picking a place to send your team, consider what makes the geography that makes your region unique. From lakeside towns to mountain villas, there are always places close by that will give your getaway tremendous bang for your buck. 

Princess Royale Oceanfront Resort is home to on-site locales like The Current, which offers open-air dining and an outstanding happy hour, the Tripical Tiki serves-up drinks and gourmet fare when you and your team are relaxing poolside, and Schooners Oceanfront Restaurant is the ultimate spot for your team to come together and unwind in the luxurious oceanfront lounge or even from the comfort of your own room with in-suite dining.

Pick Group Activities and Hobby Sports

Booking a retreat destination is as much about the group events as the specific location. Maybe your team is full of golfers, or perhaps they appreciate fine art. They could be a group of explorers who want to immerse themselves in local culture, or they may want to try new things to get out of their usual routine. 

Group activities can help bring your team together and help them let loose after a day spent in meetings or attending seminars. Most likely, it’s these events that they’ll talk about in the office when they get back. 

Benefits and Amenities

There is no doubt that when you are considering a venue for your corporate getaway, you should consider the potential savings from benefits and nearby amenities offered by the venue. Many venues will offer benefits that could include group activity packages, and beyond that, if the venue is in close proximity to local attractions, dining, and nightlife, your team will win big without needing to expense travel. 

The best way to find out what benefits and amenities venues offer, is to reach out to them and discuss the possibilities

Book An Unforgettable Corporate Getaway With Princess Royale Oceanfront Resort

At Princess Royale Oceanfront Resort, we know what it takes to throw a fabulous, budget-friendly corporate retreat for your company. As the largest hotel in Ocean City, we can accommodate teams both large and small, and our in-house amenities include everything your need for your employees to learn, grow, and relax. 

Reach out to us today to see our rates and book the ideal corporate getaway for your team. 

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