How to Plan a Beach Wedding

beach wedding

Updated: March 1, 2023

How to Prepare for a Beach Wedding

Imagine walking down an aisle of warm sand, preparing to say your vows against the backdrop of crashing waves and light, salty wind. A beach wedding can be the perfect option for couples who love being outdoors and enjoy the views that Maryland’s beaches offer. Princess Royale Oceanfront Resort is one of Ocean City, MD’s top choices for a wedding on the beach, and we are here to answer any questions you may have throughout every step of the planning process.

Advantages of Choosing a Beach Wedding

Choosing a beach wedding over an indoor venue gives you plenty of space to customize your setup and keep everything in one place. Rather than giving your guests multiple directions to find your ceremony and the reception on the other side of town, getting married on the beach means plenty of room to set up each part of your wedding in the same area. This alternative to securing multiple venues is easier for you and more convenient for your guests. Outdoor spaces are often more flexible when including custom touches that make your wedding uniquely yours but may not be allowed in some indoor venues.

Things to Consider When Planning and Preparing for a Beach Wedding

Beach weddings can be the perfect blend of elegant and relaxing, but they can require extra preparation to ensure that everything goes smoothly. Here are some of the essential instances to consider when preparing for your beach wedding!


Flying into Ocean City at sunset the night before your wedding may sound romantic, but delays happen all the time, and giving yourself and your guests plenty of time to get to your destination is a must. Make sure there are reasonably affordable options for your family, friends, and other guests to use to get to your wedding. If it is far from where you live, having these affordable options helps avoid shutting out potential guests who cannot afford an expensive flight across the country.


As much as you hope your wedding day will be bright and sunny, any outdoor wedding comes with the risk of rain. Excessively warm or cold temperatures can also interfere with your guests’ ability to enjoy your wedding. Planning to handle less-than-stellar weather is necessary to ensure your ceremony and reception go as smoothly as possible.

Plan for enough tents to provide adequate shade, especially if your wedding is in the middle of the day. Another good idea is to set up baskets filled with items like inexpensive blankets, sunglasses, miniature fans, travel-sized bottles of sunscreen, bottles of water, and other ideas to help make your guests comfortable, no matter the weather forecast. You can even match many of these items to your wedding’s colors to blend in and double as souvenirs.

Having backup plans ready for any situation are always a good idea in case of heavy storms that could postpone your wedding. Our ballroom provides an onsite option that can be ready to use if the forecast the morning of your wedding makes an outdoor wedding out of the question.


Beach weddings naturally come with a significant amount of wind, making it complicated to keep your cake and other food clean and upright. Food should generally be kept in sealed containers until you are ready to serve it, and sticking to foods that are relatively easy to eat can also be helpful in case the wind is strong enough that guests need to keep a hand on their plates. Many beaches also do not allow glass, which may be essential when selecting your dishes and storage containers.

Choose Princess Royale Oceanfront Resort for the Beach Wedding of Your Dreams

At Princess Royale Oceanfront Resort, we are here to help make creating the beach wedding of your dreams a breeze. As one of Ocean City, MD’s top beach wedding destinations, we offer partnerships with approved vendors, onsite outdoor ceremony and reception options, as well as indoor ballroom options, honeymoon packages, and special pricing for your guests. A wide range of other perks makes us one of the best places to get married along the Atlantic Ocean. Contact us today to learn more about our wedding packages or to visit our beach to see that it is the perfect fit for your wedding!