4th of July Getaway

Beach view of the Princess Royale in OCMD

4th of July Getaway in Ocean City

The summer season is here. Experiencing that oceanside calm seems to be the saving grace most of us have been waiting for after months of difficulties, fears, and uncertainties the entire world was forced to go through. As the country and the travel industry is safely and rapidly opening back up in the wake of this worldwide pandemic, Princess Royale Oceanfront Resort is ramping up for an amazing summer season.

Whether you prefer a resort with indoor & outdoor dining, indoor pool, kids activities room, spa, or simply one with Oceanfront suites to lounge in all day, the Princess Royale Resort has it all. You will surely have an amazing experience should you decide to bring your family, your significant other or simply get away solo, under the sun on the Ocean City beaches. Our Royale Team understand that to travel is to live again, so we want you to make sure you don’t miss out on a chance of a lifetime in creating memorable and unique experiences. With 4th of July just around the corner we invite you to spend some quality time at our resort, relaxing, rejuvenating and getting into vacation mode and summertime joy. If you haven’t already made your 4th of July plans and you want to get out of town, keep in mind there are plenty of things to do at the Resort and around the Ocean City area. From the beautiful sandy beaches our resort sits on, to the parks in close proximity, there are also plenty of restaurants within walking distance if you choose to stay on the northside of town, and enjoy delicious and perfectly served eastern shore traditional food. You can also take a trip down memory lane and check out our Boardwalk, but what most of our guests love doing is soaking it all in on the property.

There is still hope that we can make summer 2022 a better season than our winter and spring. Let us rejoice in what we can take advantage of, don’t stress with too much planning, and take a trip to one of the most charming beach towns. We promise you – you will not regret it! Best place to travel if you’re a last-minute planner… soak in a patriotic 4th of July weekend at the Princess Royale Oceanfront Resort.