Wet and Wild Water Sports in Ocean City, MD

Wet And Wild Watersports

It is common knowledge that Ocean City, MD is a great vacation spot. Their famous boardwalk is complete with great carnival style rides and the best fair food around. People ride bicycles along the bike trails with the beach next to them, as far as they can see. There are great hotels, fantastic restaurants, and endless shopping opportunities.

But, surfing and swimming is not the only water sports you can do in Ocean City. There is tons of wet and wild adventures awaiting you. Below we will share just a few of the best water sports in Ocean City with you. If you have a particular interest, we encourage you to do some research. It is almost guaranteed that you will find someone who can accommodate you.

Jet Skis

If you are looking for some serious water action, you have to rent a jet ski. Note: jet skies are serious machines. Be prepared to learn a bit about safety before you hit the water.

Jet skis are 1000 pound machines that are packed with power. They can travel at mesmerizing speeds and they take exciting and dramatic turns. If you are a thrill seeker, this could be the watersport for you.


There is no other water sport like it. Travel with an experienced crew and parasail at heights of up to 800 feet (you can go to 400 feet or 600 feet if you would rather). Get a bird’s eye view of the sea and of Maryland from Virginia to Delaware!. You could spot dolphins, sea turtles, and maybe the wild ponies of Assateague. This is great fun and with waterproof cameras, you can get some photographs unlike any other.


Kayaking 569282 960 720 300x184If jet skis are your thing, but you want a family adventure, consider renting a jet boat. Or, if you prefer to lay back and enjoy the wonders of the sea, consider an afternoon of relaxing on a pontoon boat. Other options include:

  • Ocean kayaks
  • Hydro bikes
  • Charter boats
  • Fishing boats in various sizes
  • Sailboat
  • Sunset cruises
  • Paddleboats

Note: you can charter a boat to go deep sea fishing, and water skiing is always a popular choice. There are many places to safely water ski in Ocean City.

Hover boards

Just when you thought there could be no new thrills on the sea, here comes hoverboards! This is like skiing, surfing, and flying all at once. Hover at high speeds along the surface of the ocean. Do adrenalin pumping flips, twists, and turns. This is a unique experience that you have to try!


Water Jet Ski 2418848 960 720 200x300The newest water sport in Ocean City is taking the place by storm. The Hydrofly is a new machine that allows you to break the surface of the water and be airborne in minutes. Don’t worry, trained instructors will assist you. This is not for everyone. But, if you are looking for an exciting water sport that is not your average experience, this could be for you.

Snorkeling and diving

Ocean City has numerous establishment for the snorkeler and the diver. How far out you go is up to you. This is an old time favorite and one that is very popular today. See the ocean from beneath the surface and discover a whole new world.

Dolphin watching

Some of the tour companies advertise that they see dolphins on 90% of their tours. There is no reason to think this is not true. Dolphins are often seen in Ocean City. So if you want to see them, jump on one of the many tour boats.

Whales are a different story. Ocean City is not on their migration path but still, whales are spotted from time to time. So do not give up.

Ocean City

Sea 1677640 960 720 300x225After a day in the sea in Ocean City, you will want to relax. There are plenty of places in Ocean City to have a casual and relaxed dinner or go for a few drinks. Take a simple stroll along the boardwalk or relax on the balcony of your hotel suite with a glass of wine.

Be sure to enjoy the wonderful options awaiting you. Ocean City has hard and fast water sports and relaxing evenings by the sea. Catch a comedy show, or go to the casino to try your luck. Enjoy a world-class dinner with your family.

There is always something to do in Ocean City. There is 10-miles of free beach and a 3-mile boardwalk. You can fish, hunt, trap, and learn. Enjoy swimming, surfing, body boarding, sunbathing, or just relaxing by the pool of your luxury hotel.

With more than 200 restaurants, you will find all of your favorites. Of course, fresh seafood is a specialty in the area and they do it well.

The Assateague Wild Ponies

The Assateague wild ponies are famous and people travel from around the globe to see them. Take an eco-friendly tour and see this gift of nature for yourself. It is something you will never forget.


Once the kids are asleep (with an adult present) slip away for an evening of fun with the thriving nightlife in Ocean City. Stop by the casinos or just enjoy some adult company. Ocean City caters to guests of all ages.