Top Lunch Restaurants in Ocean City, MD

Top lunch restaurants in Ocean City, MD

So, you’re staying at one of the condo rentals in Ocean City, MD and notice that growling in your stomach that can only mean one thing…it’s lunch time! Good thing you’re a only short distance away from all of the great restaurants OC has to offer, but where exactly should you stop in? Here are some of the absolute best locations to grab a bite to eat.

Crabby Patty

Maryland is famous for its incredible crab cakes, and it’s only fitting to eat one while you’re here. The highly recommended Original Crabcake Factory is sure to satisfy any crab craving you might have. If you’re in the mood for something light, try the Maryland Crabcake mixed green salad or Caesar salad. For the more adventurous, Benedict Crab is a fantastic combination. You can also enjoy lobster tails stuffed with the famous mix, chips and crab dip, a crabby Bloody Mary, sandwiches, buckets of fries, fall off the bone ribs, steaks, and delectable shrimp dishes. Top it off with a margarita, or tropical drink of your choice, and you have yourself one of the best lunches the city can offer. This is an absolute must eat at location when in Ocean City! Trust us, you won’t be disappointed. Oh! It’s also a sports bar, so you can watch some of your favorite games while you dine on Maryland’s delicacy.

No IllusionNo Illusion Ocean City MD

If you’re feeling a little fancy, head over to Café Mirage for exquisite dishes with appearances that are anything but optical illusion. The plating alone is enough to satisfy any customer, but the quality of the food will have your taste buds in a feeding frenzy. Top chefs design everything from appetizers to desserts, and their flavor combinations are fantastic. Start the meal off with pan fried mozzarella on tomato with pesto, or crab cake chowder. Choose from dishes such as salmon with jalapeño and ginger pesto paired with russet potatoes, lamb with fig-port smear, scallops over grits with green beans and corn succotash, or Mahi Mahi ceviche. Top it off with any of the succulent desserts they offer, and you’ve just finished one of the finest meals in Ocean City. Good things come in small packages, and this hidden gem is sure to have you coming back for round two.

More Like Liquid Gold

If you’re seeking something specially prepared, be sure to stop in at Liquid Assets. This restaurant features American and International cuisine, as well as a wine bar! After choosing from one of the several wines on the list, diners can pair their favorite selection with cheese, crackers, grapes, and apples. You could always go with a burger and steak fries for the main course, or you could go with grilled rock fish, a massaged kale salad, or scallop risotto (that’s only naming a few). For dessert, you absolutely have to try either the flourless brownie or the doughnut ice cream. To be clear, it isn’t doughnut flavored ice cream, but a scoop of gourmet ice cream between two doughnuts…or simply heaven in your mouth.

Quite the CatchQuite the Catch

Looking for more of a pub/diner feel? Grab a seat at Hooked and enjoy sandwiches galore from burger to seafood. Enjoy the bar style fries, and fried fish served on newspaper (not really, but the paper plate is made to look like it). You can get a little fancy with seared tuna, or satisfy your hunger with calamari fried in one piece. Everything here is sourced locally and served fresh from the fish, to the veggies, to the juices that go into one delicious peach margarita. You can’t beat it, and your stomach will thank you.

Can’t Beat Mom’s Cooking

In the mood for something a little caliente? If you’re looking to spice things up, then may I suggest Mother’s Cantina & Tortilla shop. With a giant selection tequila, you can have the perfect $3.50 margarita made for your (yes, people love their margaritas in OC). Start the meal off with guacamole chips and salsa, or dive right into one of many fantastic dishes such as carnitas tacos, steak fajitas, or chile relleno. No matter what you choose, keep in mind that all tortillas here are made fresh daily right in house! Careful, though, the spices and seasoning might have you downing more margaritas than you intended! Not that that’s a bad thing when you’re on vacation.

Last but Not LeastLast But Not Least Ocean City MD

Ever dine in a hammock chair? How about drink at an open, oceanfront bar? You can do both, or dine in style right on the docks at Fish Tales Bar & Grill. Bread bowl soups, mussel dishes, drink favorites, and more can all be enjoyed with the sand under your feet and nothing but a breathtaking view of the ocean before you. Enjoy the cool breezes of the day, watch the sunset, or dine under the lights at night. The food is mouthwateringly delicious, the drinks are ice cold, and they even have a really nice playground for the kids. It’s the perfect place to take a load off and let the fact that you’re on vacation sink in.

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A big part of any vacation is dining on food you can’t get elsewhere. When it comes to the beach, there is no better place to enjoy fresh seafood dishes, and cold drinks. When it comes time to grab a bite to eat for lunch, you can’t go wrong with any of the places above. From decadent appetizers to luxurious entrees and everywhere in-between, Ocean City has it all. Who knows, you might just find your new favorite restaurant!