Things To Do In Fall In Ocean City

Things To Do Fall

Fall in on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. Temperatures in the popular beach town are slowly falling, and while heading into the water might not be at the top of your to-do list, there are still plenty of fun activities and fabulous events available for you to spend your time on. After you’re done looking up condo rentals in Ocean City MD and you’ve found the best place to stay near the shore, why not take a look at some of the excitement you can get to once you’ve made your way to the beach?

It’s The Temperature That’s Dipping, Not The Fun

The cooler days just mean there’s a bit less to do outdoors. No amusement parks, no water parks, no tour boats, etc. You might not be able to do as much on the water, but there’s still a lot going on around Ocean City. For instance…

Hit The Boardwalk

There’s almost never a bad time to check out Ocean City’s Boardwalk. Since 1902, visitors to Ocean City have been able to traverse this lengthy expanse and take part everything it has to offer. There are museums, there’s shopping, there are restaurants—the totality of which would be too numerous to list. For now, just know that In the fall, many of the rides at the amusement park areas will be closed. Other than that, though, the range of the Boardwalk is open, so if you want to check out one of the stores, hit a club, or just have a stroll, you’ll be more than capable of doing so.

Hit The Outlets

If you weren’t able to get your shopping fix handled at the Boardwalk, you might be able to do so at the Ocean City Factory Outlets. Just head north of the Ocean Gateway, and you’ll hit the ample assemblage of fine stores. Clothing stores are abound, along with spots to snag some home goods and kitchen items as well. You can eat while you’re here, and the Outlet prices make the drive over here well worth it.

Explore The Art League Of Ocean City

This non-profit was created with the intention of letting residents of and visitors to Ocean City appreciate the arts. So, with that in mind, why not head over to their space and get inspired by the talented works on display? The two-story gallery, located on 94th Street, displays art created by a host of local and regional artists. The September lineup includes features from artists like Rosemary Burns, Joy Davis, and Myrna McGrath, among many other skilled practitioners of their crafts. The Art League is also a great place to learn. You might try popping in for a class or two, it’ll be a learning experience like no other you’ve had before, and a great chance to catch a glimpse of what laid-back Ocean City life is all about.

Go Get A Donut

We mentioned that there are a wealth of restaurants and smaller food vendors around Ocean City. One that you will absolutely need to check out while you’re here is Fractured Prune Doughnuts. Everyone loves donuts, and the selection here is one of the most diverse you’ll find anywhere. 19 different glazes, 13 toppings, and the ability to pick whatever combinations you like. It’s the perfect way to treat yourself on a calm fall day near the beach.

Check Out An Event

The Fall is going to be packed with different events taking place around Ocean City. Take a look at the list. There’s the OC Coin & Currency Show, The Mid-Atlantic Symphony Orchestra, Endless Summer Cruisin’, The Mid-Atlantic Surf Fishing Tournament. Perhaps one of the most exciting events on the list (if you’re a car enthusiast) is Corvette Weekend, taking place October 13-14. There will be more than 1,200 Corvette lovers in attendance, hailing from as far north as Canada and far south as Florida. The event will be marked by “Car shows, road rallies, a parade and other related activities raise money for charity.”

If ogling cars isn’t your thing, though, you might instead be interested in something like Rocktoberfest. No, it’s not (yet another) October-themed rock concert. Rocktoberfest actually holds the distinction of being Ocean City’s “only 24-hour rockfish tournament.” Head over to the Bahia Marina, then start catching fish. They’ll be handing out prizes for the “heaviest rockfish, flounder, trout, tautog and an open category,” then wrapping things up with a big bonfire banquet.

The point is, there are plenty of group-oriented goings on this fall, and you’ll need to head on over to Ocean City to experience the magic.

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