Themes For A Beach Wedding

Themes For Beach Wedding

At some point in time, almost everyone’s considered trying to pull off a beach-themed wedding. The idea of having a small(ish) wedding party on a secluded patch of short, a gentle breeze blowing through the ceremony, while the sound of the waves in the background provides the perfect ambiance that brings everything together. You’ll need the right location, of course, and there are plenty of wedding hotels in Ocean City MD that can fit the bill, but what else will you need to consider for that dream beach wedding? An important part is bringing in the right theme, as well as following a few principles that will keep everything looking nice.

Get Inspired & Choose Your Approach

The first thing to note is that you’re not the first person to think of trying to have a beach wedding. There have probably been hundreds of thousands by this point in time, and there’s a lot of reference material out there to give you ideas on what you should and shouldn’t try for your beach wedding. Pinterest, as you might expect, has hundreds of ideas for small touches to add here and there, as do wedding experts like David’s Bridal.

After looking through and getting some ideas, it might be a good idea to settle on a general style or theme to follow for all of your decorations and preparations. You might go for something elegant, for instance, or classic, or modern, etc. There are a wide range of themes, but we’ve narrowed the list down to a few of the most common:

  • Elegant — This is a classic and traditional look. Think your old-school church wedding transplanted to a beachfront setting. Not exactly the most outside the box style, but definitely tried and true, if you prefer to do something dependable.
  • Coastal Elegant — Now, what if you took that classic wedding theme, swapped out a few items that had more of a beach feel, then added a splash of color? You’d have a Coastal Elegant theme, most likely, a fresh coat of paint slapped on the way people have been doing weddings for centuries.
  • Rustic — This is a dressed up way of saying you’re bringing the country to the beach. Combine the best of both worlds by including plenty of “folksy” elements, while retaining the colors you’d typically find associated with a full-on beachside soiree.
  • Vintage — If you’ve got a thing for the styles from an earlier period of human history, you can transport them to the present and incorporate them into your beach wedding. Perhaps you’re convinced that those Victorian-era decorations will go perfectly those dusty old candles and table sets you inherited from your great-great grandmother? Go for it, and be sure to include plenty of muted colors to give everything that “still in the past” look.
  • Modern — In some sense, you might consider this the opposite of the Vintage look. Instead of reaching into the past for style decisions, you’ll channel the present and peer into the future. Expect lots of straight edges, simple shapes, bright colors contrasted with dark ones, and copious amounts of stainless steel decorations.
  • Glitzy — Do you like being ostentatious? You could always go for a Glitzy style beach wedding. Pearls, crystal glassware, tons of flowers, and plenty of silver combined with whatver-color-you-want on white. The end result should look like something classy but not gaudy, it’s a thin line to walk, so be judicious about your decorations.
  • Nautical — When you go Nautical, you’ve made a decision to go “all-in” with the theme of the beach and water. Turn your wedding into the seaside home (or the inside of an upscale seafood restaurant). Think seashells, starfish, oldstyle lanterns and candles, and perhaps even a mast or an anchor somewhere in the mix.

With your theme in place, you’ll next need to pick your decorations. We hinted at it above, but it bears repeating. You should make sure to restrain yourself when choosing your themed elements. As noted in Brides:

“Because these nautical touches can be so fun, it’s easy to get carried away, but limit yourself to just a few cohesive accents to ensure your wedding-style remains elevated.”

Last, but not least, the attire should match the theme of the wedding, while simultaneously being appropriate for the beach. If you’re not certain what to look for, The Knot has some pretty good write ups about acceptable beach wedding gear for both brides and grooms.

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