Plan Your Convention

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Are you planning to organize a convention in the near future? This can seem like a daunting and difficult task if you’ve never gone through the process before.

In order to help simplify planning a convention, we’ve put together a step-by-step process that will help make planning this important event easy to accomplish.

Our Step-By-Step Convention Planning Process

  1. How many people will attend the convention? – Attendance is your first major consideration. While it is impossible to get an exact figure at this early stage of the game, it’s definitely best to estimate how many people will attend this important event. Try your best to figure out the number of attendees, but this does not have to be perfect. Do your best and overestimate your needs just in case more people show up than you originally anticipated.
  2. Write it down – it’s impossible to remember everything when planning a convention. It’s so easy to let important details slip through the cracks. So instead of trying to keep this organized in your head, it’s best to write it down. You can actually write it down in a physical notebook or use any one of your favorite pieces of technology to track and plan the convention. By writing everything down, you do not have to worry about making simple and easy to overlook mistakes.
  3. Finding and booking the right venue – finding and booking the venue is by far the most important step in the entire process. If you get this wrong, your convention will end up a flop instead of the best event of the year. Make sure you choose a venue that is perfect for the size of your group, with the right facility, and obviously you want one that is clean and respectable. You can learn about our conference center here.
  4. Book your audiovisuals as quickly as possible – one of the biggest mistakes that first-time convention planners make is waiting to the last minute to book their audiovisuals. This is a huge potential mistake waiting to happen. To prevent this costly error, check out our favorite local source for event audiovisuals here Focal Point Productions.
  5. Don’t forget about meal and bathroom breaks – another big mistake that new convention planners make is they forget to schedule time for meals and bathroom breaks. While the attendees will certainly enjoy the presentations, they also need time to eat meals and use the restroom. Do your best to schedule ample time and make it a priority.
  6. Event insurance – the unexpected happens at conventions all the time and you need to be prepared for every potential problem. Event insurance is an absolute must in this situation. You never know what may happen unexpectedly. Without the right coverage, you might find yourself on the wrong end of a nasty lawsuit. So be prepared.


Planning a convention is difficult to say the least. With enough time, you’ll be able to pull this event off without a hitch if you follow our guideline.