Christmas In Ocean City

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You might think that the beach and Christmas don’t mix. After all, the temperatures are a bit cooler, the air a bit brisker, and the typical outdoor activities one might experience are a bit more limited. When you snag one of the many Ocean City hotel deals, though, and venture out to the Eastern Shore of Maryland during December, you’ll find that there’s still plenty for you to do, if you’ve got the mind about you to get creative. When you come to Ocean City around Christmas, here are just a few of the things you can get into while waiting to celebrate at one of the many Christmas festivals or parades.

Have Some Fun

If you want to kick things off with excitement, you’d be hard pressed to find options more riveting than skating, mini golf, bowling, or laser tag. Ocean City has all on offer, and you need only head down to the establishment of your choosing to get the fun started.

If ice skating catches your fancy, for instance, you can head to the ice rink and glide across the ice. Typically open between October and May, December is one of the perfect times to head over and have some fun. Rates to use the rink and skate rentals come at a reasonable fee, and the rink itself has ample open hours just about every day of the week. They even put on free ice skating shows during the evenings, so be sure to check one out if you want to get a glimpse at some next level ice skating talent.

If mini golf is more your speed, you might instead head over to one of the Old Pro Golf indoor courses. They have several spots around town, and though the outdoor locations might prove a bit frigid for December weather, the indoor courses will be plenty warm and plenty challenging for those looking to test their skills. On 68th Street, you can try your hand at the Undersea Adventure and Dinosaur Park, and on 136th Street, the Safari Village and Caribbean Pirate courses will provide plenty of excitement.

If mini golf doesn’t provide the necessary level of head-to-head excitement you’re looking for, a spirited round of laser tag might do the trick instead. The Planet Maze in Ocean City is well known for their “Lasertron” laser tag game, where teams can face off and see who can rack up the most points by tagging other players. It will take skill, coordination, and strategy to win, so make sure you choose your teammates wisely.

Lastly, a crisp December day is the perfect time to head inside to Marty’s Playland to experience the wealth of vintage, antique, classic, and modern arcade games that are on offer. From claw games and pinball to racing simulators and shooting galleries, there are all kinds of games to delight visitors of all ages. Get the family together, head on over, and experience the arcade-style thrills as you wait about for some of the Christmas-themed excitement to begin.

Get Some Grub

The cold weather doesn’t mean that the fabulous restaurants in Ocean City are closed. In fact, around Christmas-time, they tend to break out the best offerings for visitors who have come to experience the joy of the city in the midst of winter. You could easily head to any of the fine establishments around town for a Christmas dinner you won’t forget, and even in the days leading up to Christmas, there are plenty of options to choose from for a simple lunch or dinner spread.

You might head to over to 28th Street to check out Buxy’s Salty Dog Saloon. You’ll be treated to ice cold drinks, delicious bar food, and an opportunity to recharge by watching some winter sports while you wait around for the next item on your Christmas-time itinerary. Alternatively, you might fancy some barbeque, and venture over to the Pit & Pub to satisfy your hunger. Regardless of what you favor, there’s a place in Ocean City that will accommodate you, and you’ll be glad you stopped by for some quality eats.

Just Relax With Your Ocean City Hotel Deals

Great deals, like the ones you’ll find booking a stay with Princess Royale, mean that you’ll have plenty to occupy your time with when you plan a resort Christmas getaway. Special events, golfing, and more will all be available for your to-do list, along with all the additional festivities the Christmas season has to offer here. Beyond that, you’ll be staying at an amazing beachfront property with the grandest rooms and suites that the city has to offer. Situated right on 91st Street near many of the hottest offerings in Ocean City, you’ll be well-served when you make this your choice for your next Christmas vacation.