The Best Places to Go to Get Craft Beer in Ocean City

best craft beer ocean city md

If you intend to find the best craft beer Ocean City MD has to offer, you’re going to want to keep all of your options open. You may think you already know all the perfect types of places to find delicious, alcohol fueled craft beer in this amazing city, but you may end up pleasantly surprised with some of the options you may have overlooked.

To help our readers discover great tasting craft beer in Ocean City, MD, we are here to make it easier than ever for you to experience some of the best tasting craft brews in the community. There are some amazing breweries, bars, restaurants, and other fantastic places that you can go to get the craft beer that you desire while enjoying your time away in this wonderful vacation spot.

So if you’re worried that you’re going to have a tough time finding craft beer to your liking, please do not worry any longer. We’re about to share the best places to go for you to get some of the top tasting and amazing craft beers right in this wonderful community and you’ll never have to worry about overlooking some great potential options again.


best craft beer ocean city md

For some people looking to have a great night out on the town in Ocean City, Maryland, they want more than just their favorite craft beers or new craft beers to try. They want an entire experience that can truly make the whole night special. If you love seafood, then you’re going to love visiting Hooked. This amazing restaurant has some of the best tasting seafood around, an incredible lunch and dinner menu, an impeccable atmosphere, and they even have some of the best wines, mixed drinks, and craft beers available and on tap for all to appreciate and enjoy.

The great thing about visiting a seafood restaurant to try craft beer is that your options are not limited for any reason whatsoever. You can enjoy lobster, crabs, grilled swordfish, red snapper, or any other of your favorite seafood options and get it from one of the best chefs in the area. And while you’re there, you can try one out of eight different craft beers that they have on tap in this location. And many of these beers go very well with the diverse options on the seafood menu.

They have an amazing wine list, excellent mixed drinks, and a lunch and dinner menu that’s to die for. Whether you’re in the mood for charred broccoli salad, braised beet salad, baked French onion oysters, or so many other choices, you’ll have great tasting food available for you in spades as well as some of the top craft beers in Ocean City. It’s a combination that seems to be made in heaven so visit Hooked for great tasting craft beer, a wonderful atmosphere, and food that is simply amazing.

Shore Craft Beer Fest

best craft beer ocean city md

If you plan to be in Ocean City, MD, on October 28, 2017, then you are definitely in for an amazing treat because you have the opportunity to partake in the Shore Craft Beer Fest. This is the third time they’ll be hosting this annual event in Ocean City, and it’s amazing for those who love world class beer looking to take advantage of some of the best tasting options on the Eastern shore.

If you love craft beer the way so many people do, you’ll definitely love this event. It’s an opportunity to try some of the most amazing, best tasting, new, different, exciting craft beers from all around the world. And there are so many great breweries in attendance like Evo and Dogfish Head plus there is a plethora of other options that you may not have ever heard of. Burley Oak, Tall Tales, and 3rd Wave immediately spring to mind as some new, upcoming breweries that you should definitely check out.

This event is extra special because it’s one of the most popular craft beer festivals on the East Coast, so it’s an exciting event, there are many people in attendance, and you even have the option to tour some of the local breweries. One of the most exciting things about this event is getting the try some of the local flavors and visiting the local breweries. You get to know the place better, connect with some of the awesome people in attendance, and you’ll really enjoy the food trucks, live music, and other things being offered by local vendors.

Remember, dozens of local breweries will be in attendance and you’ll have the option to try at least 24 different local craft beers. So if that sounds even the least bit appealing to you, you definitely need to make your way to Ocean City on October 28, 2017 to get a taste of the good life and check out this amazing event. Once you do, you’ll be coming back year after year because it’s such an awesome option, plus it’s fun, exciting, and an event to enjoy with your family, friends, and the other great people spending time at the festival.

Liquid Assets

best craft beer ocean city md

Sometimes it’s important to have a great night out with family and friends while enjoying some wonderful tasting craft beer, some excellent food, and great wine, martinis, some decadent cheeses, and so much more. If you’re looking for an experience that you’ll never forget, and want to experience a little class and elegance in your life, then you’ll definitely appreciate the ambience and atmosphere of Liquid Assets.

The best thing about this bar/restaurant as far as craft beers is concerned is they put the names of the beers they serve ring on their website. While other bars make you actually come in to the location to find out what craft beers they have available, you can learn about the awesome selection at Liquid Assets right now. They serve such fine craft beers including Allagash White, Alltech Kentucky bourbon barrel ale, selections from the Burley Oak brewery in Maryland, the Summer Session Ale from the Evolution craft brewery in Maryland and many other fantastic beer options.


You do not necessarily need to tour local breweries in order to enjoy craft beer. There are many fine dining establishments and bars in Ocean City that also serve these amazing options, so we highly recommend you check them out.