The 3 Top Restaurants for Foodies to Try in Ocean City, MD

Top 3 Restaurants

If you’ve ever wanted to try the best food Ocean City MD has to offer, you’ll definitely want to check out some of the amazing restaurants we’ve discovered recently. Ocean City is known as a beautiful place to vacation in during the spring and summer months, and it’s a great place to go to play golf during the fall and other times of the year, but many people fail to realize that this awesome vacation hideaway in Maryland also has amazing food and it’s a foodie’s paradise.

Foodies look for the ultimate experience when they test out new restaurants. Not only do they want the food itself to taste amazing, but they check out the atmosphere, the ambience, the wait staff, whether or not the people are friendly, the design of the restaurant, and so much more. So, it makes sense for these people to be a bit skeptical whenever they step into a new restaurant because they’re really looking to have an all-around amazing culinary and dining experience like they’ve never had before.

Well, if foodies are ever going to get the total package in a restaurant, they’ll need a heads up about where to eat ahead of time. That’s where we come into the picture because we’re going to share a list of restaurants that foodies should definitely check out the next time they are in Ocean City, MD.

Touch of Italy in Ocean City, MD

To kick things off, we’d like to bring Touch of Italy in Ocean City to your attention. This fine dining Italian restaurant is considered one of the best in the area. They have fresh Italian specialties like pizza, cheeses, pasta, meats, and pastries, and they also have a great list of specialty imports for their customers and many wonderful desserts, hero sandwiches, and so much more.

As an example, to help you get a taste of their menu before ever stepping foot in the door, they serve delectable dishes including Ali Di Polo which is chicken wings roasted in rosemary, tossed in Parmesan cheese, and marinated in extra-virgin olive oil. Another fine example of a mouthwatering dish includes the Piccoli Panini which includes a combination of a sausage and pepper slider, a meatball Parmesan slider and a chicken Parmesan slider all on the same dish.

No matter what, you will absolutely love these great tasting Italian dishes like so many others have loved before you. And you will be pleasantly surprised and impressed by the atmosphere, the incredible wait staff that works hard to satisfy your every need, the bartenders, the management, the ambiance, the atmosphere, and anything else you can think of. They go all out in this amazing restaurant and do everything in their power to please each and every one of their customers every day.

Phillips Seafood House in Ocean City, MD

Foodies who also love seafood are in for a major treat if they decide to take our advice and visit Phillips Seafood House in Ocean City. This highly rated seafood restaurant is a tour de force in their industry. And even more important, Metropolitan Magazine rated them Ocean City’s best seafood restaurant. So you know you’re getting the best seafood possible when you step foot in this incredible establishment.

To get a little taste of their menu, just know that they have a wide variety of unbelievable seafood options. They also serve dishes that aren’t seafood for those who do not enjoy God’s gifts from the ocean.

In our first example, they make delectable steamed crabs. While this is not necessarily out of the ordinary, what makes these crabs so special is they come from local fishermen right there in the Ocean City community. So you’re getting the freshest crabs possible every time you sit down and eat in Phillips Seafood House.

Next, we’d like to tell you about their Fried Seafood Combo. People come from far and wide in Maryland just to get a taste of the amazing seafood they serve in this restaurant. Remember, everything is bought the same day from local fishermen, so you know you’re getting the freshest food possible. In the combo, they provide their customers with delectable clam strips, crispy shrimp, fried flounder, and crab cakes. You’ll feel like you’ve died and gone to seafood heaven the next time you sit down to a delectable and delicious meal at a Phillips Seafood House.

Nantucket’s Restaurant in Fenwick Island, DE

Even if you happen to be staying in Ocean City, MD at the time, you’ll be glad you made every effort possible to visit Fenwick Island to try the incredible food at Nantuckets Restaurant. The most important thing to know is that you do not have to travel very far to get to Nantuckets since they are only about five blocks north of Ocean City. You’ll be there in no time and you’ll get to eat remarkable food like rack of lamb, crab cakes, dry aged steak, lobster shepherd’s pie, and so much more. Plus, if you like dining at the beach – and who doesn’t – then you are going to flip because the ambiance and atmosphere is going to be right up your alley.

Even though we mentioned a few of their great tasting dishes on the menu already, we’d like to go into further detail about a couple of their other signature dishes. In fact, one of our favorites is the Quahog and Scallop Chowdah which is probably the most famous dish on their menu. It reached the height of popularity in 1991 and has been a huge hit ever since. They call it a true New England style clam chowder and it contains potatoes, celery, onions, clams, corn, and scallops.

Next, you need to learn about the Cast Iron Roasted Cod. This amazing dish is cod roasted with tomatoes, basil butter, white wine and lemon, olives and pancetta and they even top it with grated Parmesan cheese to your liking.


As a foodie, it’s never easy finding the best fine dining restaurants while vacationing. But the next time you step foot in Ocean City, MD, you’ll know to visit the three restaurants we’ve mentioned today. Every one of these restaurants is a foodie’s paradise.