Winter & Spring Pool Hours

Indoor Pool Hours for Winter and Spring 2019

Our Indoor Pool located in the hotel’s oceanfront atrium is open 10am-10pm daily, and 9am-10am for Adult Swim.

Find specific hours for particular dates/events in 2019 below:

    Date                  Hours

04/10/2019      9am-8pm; 9pm-11pm

04/16/2019      9am-6pm; 9pm-11pm

05/04/2019      12pm-11pm

05/14/2019      9am-12pm

05/16/2019      9am-12pm; 2pm-11pm

05/18/2019      9am-12pm; 2pm-11pm

06/06/2019      9am-4:30pm; 9pm-11pm

06/07/2019      2:30pm-11pm